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Bahia Blanca-Buenos Aires

Jan 21st -Feb 3rd

Me and Molly decided to head north so we went to the bus station and tried to get tickets for Mar del Plata. However, they were fully booked so we ended up in Neuquen. When we got there it didnt look like anything special so we got a night bus to Bahia Blanca, as we fancied some beach time before hitting Buenos Aires. Our first night there we went to buy some beers and met a guy and a girl in the shop who asked us to join them to drink our beers. They were really lovely, and invited us to theirs for a bbq. We met lots of their friends and had a great time.

The following day we went to the beach at Pehuen Co. We spent a few days there relaxing on the beach, although it was way too hot and we had to stay in the shade. The place came to life at night with street performers and all the family are out at midnight in restaurants and icecream parlours. When we went back to Bahia we called Emilio and he asked us to stay. We stayed at his for a few days and met his brother and some more of their friends, who shared our love for dancing. Our last night there we went out to a student night and I spent the night dancing cumbia with the girls. They were so generous and friendly to us and asked us to visit again before we fly home. All this week I was on painkillers because my wisdom tooth was pushing through and hurting, it was ok by the time I got to Buenos Aires.

We found a great, cheap hostel called Amasoho in Palermo, nice and quiet but friendly people, lots of South Americans. We went to la Boca and had our first taste of Tango. Unfortunately Molly had her purse stolen. We discovered a great place for dance lessons called La Virruta, I have been most days, learning Tango, Salsa and Rock. It also becomes a club in the night. On the Friday night I went with a German guy I met at dance class to a club called Maluco Baleza for another dance class -Zouk (like the lambarda). I had never heard of it and although the class was slow, when it became a club night the place transformed and was filled by couples dancing this incredible, sensuous dance, I have never seen anything like it!

I went to the Japenese gardens and the zoo, both good places to wander round for an afternoon. On the Sunday night we went to a gay night club called Amerika, had a great night and go back at 6am! On Tuesday we went to the climbing gym, I found climbing hard after so long without doing it!

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January 10th-20th

-17 °C

Spent 10 days in Bariloche, went camping at Lago Gutierrez twice. The first time we took our camping things on a three day hike to Refugio Frey, Refugio Jacob and then ended on the third day at Colonia Suiza. It was a pretty tough walk, made harder by the bags but the gorgeous scenery and views made it more than worth it! The second time me and Molly wanted to climb at Refugio Frey. Unfortunately the weather got steadily worse as we got higher and by the top there was loads of sleet and rain to we had our lunch in the refugio, met lots of nice climbers then had to go back down again. Spent some more time in Bariloche, went clubbing to a great reggae place with a group of Argentinian school leavers.

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Week 9

sunny 29 °C

Monday 29th
La Serena -went star gazing at the observatorio, saw galaxies, the milky way and hundreds of stars through the telescope.

Tuesday 30th
took the night bus to Vina del Mar with Rob -he had met some people with a spare room and Molly had organised a room for us for new years eve..

Wednesday 31st
Clebrated New Years eve with Molly and the Chilean family she was staying with. They were lovely and it was good to practise Spanish. We watched the fireworks from the docks at Valparaiso then we went to a friend`s house for a bbq at 4am. The steak was gorgeous.

Thursday 1st
12 hours later the steak was followed with more barbequed steak, pork and chicken at Mauricios parents´ house. It was cooked al disco which was a big round metal dish on legs which went over the fire, the meat was cooked in white wine. Delicious. They were very hospitable and their garden was full of apricot, plum and peach trees, all laden with fruit. Me and Molly then went to Valparaiso and met Rob. Valparaiso is a fascinating port filled with colourful metal houses, built by fishermen in the past. I think Vina del Mar is prettier though.
In the evening got a bus to Mendoza

Friday 2nd
Mendoza is beautiful, sunny but the streets are tree lined so there`s plenty of shade. The hostel was great, lots of friendly latin americans to talk to, a bbq and a swimming pool! Had bbqd steak and veg at 12, went to a bar at 2.30 then to a club at 4am. Me and Molly danced non-stop then got home at 6.30!

Saturday 3rd
Stu met us in the hostel. More steak.

Sunday 4th
Shopping, swimming and relaxing! More steak.

Monday 5th
Went wine tasting, rented bikes from Mr Hugo`s. Went swimming in the river and got a bit overpowered by the strong current! Went to bed without steak, I was so tired!

Tuesday 6th
More chilling out by the pool! Went out for dinner (steak!) Got half of the hostel dancing because we couldn´t be bothered to go to a club and have such a late night again.

Wednesday 7th
Night bus to Bariloche. Slept and watched 3 films which, along with Richard Branson´s biography, made the trip go pretty fast!

Thursday 8th
Bought a tent, a roll mat and another sleeping bag, having left mine in a taxi in La Paz! Had some beers at the hostel.

Friday 9th
We were all set to go walking but the shops shut for siesta before Rob got a chance to buy more trainers -having left his in Mendoza! We`ll go to a campsite near here instead and set off tomorrow.

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week 8

-17 °C

The salt flats were the most incredible views i`ve ever seen in my life.

Saw some coloured lakes and pink flamingos.

More coloured lakes and flamingos.

My birthday! celebrated in both Bolivia and Chile. Were taken to a hut on the outskirts for a local party. A band was playing, panpipes, guitar etc. Lots of salsa with the locals. A good night! We had to stop the music etc when the police came near then it carried on again!

Drove back to San Pedro.

Started the day on the beach (got a bit sunburnt), made some phonecalls then we prepared a christmas feast of pigs in blankets, yorkshire puds, potato salad and plenty of mojitos. We went clubbing in the evening.

Friday 26th
Got up early (with a hangover) and drove back to San Pedro. Stopped off at a very flashy shopping centre on the way back.

Saturday 27th
Stu and Mirte got a lift to Salta in the morning, Chilled out in the sun, had a siesta. It`s a hard life.

Sunday 28th
Hired bikes and rode to a ruined fortress, known as the fortress of heads because at some point 300 people were beheaded and hung around the turrets.

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-17 °C

Tuesday 9th
19 hour bus ride to Rurrenebaque.

Wednesday 10th
Arrived at 6.30am. Arranged our pampas tour. Started with an amazing boat ride, we saw loads of kapabaras, aligators, condors, eagles, pink dolphins, herons etc etc.

Thursday 11th
Walked through the pampas for 6 hours in an unsuccessful search for cobras and anacondas. We saw aligator nests and lots of birds. It rained. Went piranha fishing and made jewellery from seeds and animal teeth. Our guide made us all necklaces.

Friday 12th
Woke up early and went to see the sun rise. Went swimming with the pink dolphins (and aligators and possibly piranas) again. Touched an aligator.
Got the boat back. Went out to a kareoke bar with the girls, our guide and a Bolivian cowboy, then we went to another bar to dance.

Saturday 13th
Had an amazing fish lunch. Chilled out by the pool in a hotel in Rurre. Went out for cheap coctails.

Sunday 14th
20 hour bus ride. No toilet. Not much reclining. Not much fun.

Monday 15th
Arrived back in La Paz. More wondering round in the day. Went out in La Paz with Stu, Sam, Beth, Laura and Jessie. Me and the girls went to a Moroccan restaurant then we met the others. Cut up the dance floor in a little bar.

Tuesday 16th
Arrived in Sucre after no sleep on the night bus. I bought the last seat on the back row which didn´t recline.

Wednesday 17th
Got a 5 hour bus from Sucre to Potosi.

Thursday 18th
Arrived in Potosi, stayeing in Koala Den, cooked and watched a film.

Friday 19th
Going to Uyuni

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